Working on our next big thing and we want to hear your near-disaster file recovery stories!


Have you ever had to recover a file from a server backup? We want to hear your near-disaster story! Please share here or schedule a quick call with me:

Why do we want to know? Well, we’re onto our next big backups features and there are lots of decisions points — with a better understanding of what challenges you face while going through a stressful file recovery situation, we can be sure to we build something for you that is:

  • easy-to-understand
  • simple to use
  • fits into your workflow seamlessly

That last point is particularly important. Which is why I’d love to chat with you about the steps you have taken in the past when faced with such a situation. Again, if you’re interested in a 10-15 minute phone call or text message chat to help shape this feature, please email me at
or schedule a time here (no sign-up required):

Thank you!