Windows NTP settings


A few quick questions about NTP.

Do cloud servers running Windows automatically point to a Bytemark hosted NTP server?

They seem to always be on UTC, and I really need them on UK time (currently BST). Whenever I manually set this time it’s fine, but as soon as I have to reboot them they revert back to UTC. Is there any way to stop this happening?


The problem here is that Windows assumes the hardware clock is on “local” time, which is completely inappropriate for a cloud server, because the “local” time you want may not be local to the underlying physical host. And other virtual servers may want many different “local” times.

Linux, on the other hand, assumes that the hardware clock presents UTC, and then makes the appropriate translation to local time. And that’s what our host machines present.

I think the fix is to set Windows to use the system clock correctly, and there’s a fix described at