Which user are domain crontabs run as?


I’ve got a crontab whose command is working fine from the command line as root (it involves changing permissions) but which doesn’t seem to run from crontab.

It’s in /srv/domain/config/crontab, and /srv/domain is owned by a user domain which has been created on my server.

I see that /etc/cron.d/symbiosis-cron runs /usr/sbin/symbiosis-all-crontabs as root, but that appears to be a binary so I can’t see what it’s doing.


The jobs should be executed as the user who owns the domain-directory.

To confirm this run the command verbosely (as root):

  # /usr/sbin/symbiosis-all-crontabs --verbose



UIDs don't match for /srv/<domain> and /srv/<domain>/config/crontab

I have several people who update files, and use setgid permissions to keep the files all writeable by the group, rather than everyone using one account, which means I have no idea who did what.

Is it necessary to check that the UID that owns the top level directory also owns the crontab file? I can manage who edits the file with standard permissions.


Also, is the requirement to have the same UID on /srv/<domain> and /srv/<domain>/config/crontab documented anywhere? I didn’t see it in the Symbiosis reference section.


Agreed, it’d be really useful to add this to the Scheduled Tasks section of the symbiosis docs, just been caught out by this same issue and only visiting the forums solved it for me…


Can this be added to the documentation, please? I just ran into it again!