Which CPU architecture is (pretending to be) in my Cloud Server?



When downloading .iso images from software providers, I need to choose between intel and AMD architectures. I seem to remember reading that the bigV.io racks were based on AMD? Yet…

uname -m is not very helpful, just says “x86_64” which both processors use now.
lscpu claims that my architecture is genuine intel.

I have no idea how the virtualisation actually happens, does it matter which one I use?



All our Cloud servers are 64-bit (so amd64 or x86_64). In terms of the underlying CPU, most of our servers use Intel CPUs, but we do have a few AMD ones as well, and within the Intel “group” there is a selection of CPU models.

If you know why your software vendor is producing separate builds for AMD/Intel (i.e. which CPU flag they’re expecting to use) then that can help. All the CPU flags your machine supports are shown in /proc/cpuinfo, so that might help you choose.


Thank you for the quick reply, I am sorry it took me so long to check back.
I am nowhere near linux competent enough to necessarily understand why a certain package would be built wth specific CPU flags - but I shall use the /proc/cpuinfo and then ask them which one I shall use, that seems like a fair deal :wink:

Thanks again!