What's your favourite music at the moment?


To help me get used to this new forum, @jlawrie, what’s your favourite music video at the moment?

I’m short of aural-honey.


Laura Marling.

[/serious answer]


Ooh this magic embeds:


I like Steve Mason at the moment (who used to be The Beta Band), this is pretty good:


As I saw them in Leeds on Wednesday I would have to go with Nickelback at the moment.


Had this a long time and it gets comments whenever it’s played. Some of those comments are bad mind, but definitely the minority :wink:

!! Yacht Rock !!


Super cool video that always makes me smile


The correct answer is always Depeche Mode.

Kids today!


@skemp you’ve seen this excellent cover, right?


Yeah it is pretty fun.

Not quite up to the same quality as For the Masses though…


A rather rare occurrence where both me and my wife both like a band & song (her tastes generally Robbie Williams, mine Motorhead/Iron Maiden) is 30 Seconds To Mars (and especially Kings & Queens)


Nice, NICE opening. Bet @ptaphouse would appreciate.


I’m currently listening to

which I sort of hate myself for liking, but like nontheless…


To get you in the Christmas spirit what could be better than Bob Dylan?


I take your Christmas spirit challenge, and raise you The Pogues & Kirsty McColl …


Ok, I’ll take your Pouges & Kirsty McColl and raise you

Christmas FM

The Christmas radio station that broadcasts in December every year from Dublin.


Surely, when it comes to music,

Is the ‘best’ Christmas song?


@tdobson may have this one, however I’ll throw this one into the ring …


I’ll just leave this here…



I think this thread can now safely be closed.

It has peaked or jumped the shark.