What, you don't love our invoices? Let's change that!


We want to make invoices and billing better. We’d like to hear from you about that — what you’d like to see, what’s weird and broken, what we could change that would make your accounting a snap.

I would love to ask you a few questions about our invoices and our billing (and pricing too, if you’re inclined). If you have time tomorrow or in the next week, please get in touch. We can chat on the phone (~5-10 mins) or arrange a time to meet and I’ll buy you a cuppa (Manchester, York or thereabouts).

Thanks so much!

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment here in this forum post or emailing your feedback to our Product Team at feedback@bytemark.co.uk.

You can also join our research recruitment pool. If you’d like to give more regular feedback, become a paid product tester or find out other ways to get involved in our research & development process, please email our Research Manager (that’s me) at research@bytemark.co.uk. Thanks again!


When making changes to a cloud server, I’d like simpler diff of what has changed and caused the invoice as it’s currently a little difficult to see the one line that has changed, for example when increasing a disk.


It would be nice to have an option when viewing the invoice online to download an invoice for a specific group.


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve added both of them to our feedback list and will be exploring these options further. :slight_smile:

I’ve also made it even easier for anybody would would like to book a 10-15 minute informal phone chat with me to talk about your subscriptions; please feel free to sign up using Calendly here: https://calendly.com/bytemark-research/subscriptions/