What We've Shipped: DNS Editor


Our most requested feature is now live on Bytemark Panel – you can now now edit, add or remove DNS records from Panel with our easy to use DNS editor!

Read more here: https://blog.bytemark.co.uk/2019/02/20/dns-editor

Any thoughts, questions or feedback? Would love to know what you think!

Update - Resolved: We’re currently adding glue records with Nominet to register our new nameservers. Until this is completed, UK domains will not be able to migrate to our new nameservers.

Update 2: We’ve now added glue records with Nominet to support UK domains. Please do reach out to support if you continue to experience issues.


Does Symbiosis integrate with this? Currently the editor says ‘No DNS records’ for my domain, which is maintained in the tinydns system.


Good question! Right now, we have 2 systems:

  1. Symbiosis DNS: Built on TinyDNS, Symbiosis intergrates directly. Records can be modified by our Content DNS system. Runs on A/B/C nameservers.
  2. New Panel DNS: Built on PowerDNS, records can be listed and edited via Panel or via our new API. Runs on E/F/G nameservers.

We’re keeping both systems, but if you don’t use the Symbiosis DNS management, migration is simple :

  1. Enter your DNS records in the new Panel DNS
  2. Update your nameserves from A/B/C to E/F/G
  3. Wait around 48 hours
  4. Your DNS is now managed and served by Panel DNS

Alternatively, open a ticket and support will be happy to advise!


Many thanks…


I am trying to decide whether to change from ContentDNS/TinyDNS to the new PowerDNS service (to get modern DNS features like security). I have a couple of questions:

  1. I currently use the Content DNS service for several domains for services I provide using my cloud server, but none of the names are registered through Bytemark (theydo not appear in my Domains list, for example). Will I be able to set up these domains in the new service (note: I can’t find any DNS editor in my Panel)?

  2. Is the new DNS API Bytemark-specific or is it a PowerDNS API? What I really want to know is: am I likely to find any useful tools or libraries which implement your DNS API? And is it likely to have a reasonably long lifetime?

I’m not very interested in the DNS editor itself, only in the API.