What is meant by an IP block



I’m looking to get access to a device on my home network via remote access. Theres a few ways i can think of doing this. One of which could be to use my VM as a proxy to home modem I guess. This seems long winded though. Is there a simpler way to do this like hosted DNS or perhaps an IP block could be what I’m after?



An IP block is simply a collection of one or more IP addresses.

I suspect that is a distraction though; if you want to allow remote access to something inside your home network there are going to be several things involved:

  • You’ll want to ensure that your local router allows such access externally.
  • You’ll want to cope with a changing IP address - as your ISP probably doesn’t give you a static one.

From there you should be mostly complete. If you want to open a device to the world, and you have a router that can handle routing connections from its public IP to the inside of your network then you can connect from anywhere permitted.


Thanks for your reply Steve.
so could you provide me with more than one IP address that I could proxy to wherever I like? Could I use an IP block for this? I notice it costs £20 for upto 32 is it?


If you get in touch with our support address we can certainly arrange for you to be given an extra IP address, or two, but that will be on your virtual machine/dedicated host here.

Actually setting up the proxy to your home network is nothing we’d be able to help with though.