VM full... backups


Hi… been having a problem with my vm machine sending warnings that it’s 99% full…

It’'s a standard install with just half a dozen websites on them which was puzzling.

Turns out it’s loads of old backups which I deleted from my vm. Yeyy! 70% free space. Few days later they are back and warnings again of 99% full :confused:

Seems they are being synced from a backup server. Any suggestions how I access this backup server and remove them please??


Hi @kjohnson - sorry for the slow reply! Next time, do drop us a line on support@bytemark.co.uk.

There might be an obvious answer. Are you using Bytemark’s Symbiosis on a BigV server?

If so, Symbiosis backup may be the culprit - it automatically takes up to two full backups of your server content. This can be trimmed, though you might want to put the backups on an archive disc.

Let me know if this helps, otherwise drop us an email: support@bytemark.co.uk.



Josh was close to giving a good reply, by asking if this was a Symbiosis system.

If you’re on a symbiosis system the daily backup run does three things:

  • Downloads any backups from the off-machine archive.
  • Runs a backup.
  • Syncs the local backups back to the off-machine archive.

It does this to ensure that if you reimage your machine your old backups are still available. If you wish to purge the local backups to save space this does complicate things however. You need to do two things:

  • Purge the old backups, as you see fit (via backup2l --prune..").
  • Upload the local backups to the off-machine archive. This will ensure that the backups you’ve removed do not reappear the following morning.

To carry out that second job run as root/admin:


I hope that helps.