Upgrading Symbiosis to php7.1 or above


is there a recommended or preferred approach?

just need to stop paypal nagging over TLS1.2, which I am being told relates to lack of support in php7.0 …

i’ve tested on a copy of the machine, but wondered about using any old repo in my sources list

is there a symbiosis friendly way?

thank you all



I don’t think you need to go to 7.1 to stop paypal nagging over TLS1.2. I have a symbiosis box on 7.2 which updated easily enough, but I also have a production server on Jessie running php5.6 and paypal is not nagging.


Thanks Iain

The nag was Gravityforms WordPress plugin and there’s scripts here which will test compliance https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/tls-http-upgrade

Anyway the upgrade to 7.1 and switching between versions too was smooth enough on the test box so I now have it working now and the messages gone.

In the past I have found that symbiosis upgrades have occasionally needed manual intervention, but possibly as a result of me unknowingly interfering somewhere I shouldn’t have … hence I thought I would ask.

Thinking about it, when I had asked support in the not too distant past about migrating to Stretch with php7.++ the advice was to stick with php7.0 … https://wiki.debian.org/DontBreakDebian

Thanks again


I would never run Wordpress on a server, let alone Wordpress plugins, but that’s another issue.
If you add a newer version of PHP than 7.0, be sure to leave PHP7.0 in place as well