TXT record for DKIM


Hi all,

I’m using Bytemark’s content DNS, and am trying to add a TXT record for DKIM for a domain hosted on my VM. However, the record isn’t appearing when I search using dig, which leads me to believe I’m doing something wrong.

Here’s the line in the TinyDNS file:


Line breaks here are from wrapping in this forum; it’s all one line in the file.

Any help much appreciated! - Thanks in advance.

Ray O’Donnell.


Is this still current? I’ve just done dig on your address and got the answer expected:

;exim._domainkey.rodonnell.org. IN TXT

exim._domainkey.rodonnell.org. 224 IN TXT “v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCs21mGsara9pcMgBwsk8A+MUbdjWLa41oG3Ht/Tf9kgNSRRSIMOb79pkAW2/tdzU/7bBq/4” “2E7YMQI1dm519nbWiWC3b7zt81R9q/xu9xW7QgocXe8NqZ1o3wtwP3pLTHOXAufyrPxXiWlNMkztcbKxqgiiAtfMDzkOkxjODXCAwIDAQAB”




Just as a comment, not related to your question.

I don’t use escapes such as \040 and \057, just space and /, and everything works fine and is more readable.


Hi Tony,

Doh!! I was dig-ging for rodonnell.org, not for exim._domainkey.rodonnell.org. When I do the latter, I see it.

Thanks for responding!



Point taken - I think it’s only colons that need to be escaped.