Tried to update to PHP7 broke apache... Symbiosis


Hi All,
I tried to follow a howto to update to php7, but in the process I’ve managed to break things, the sad thing is this was a short while ago, and I only realised when i just restarted apache now, and unfortuantely I don’t have a backup from before I broke it.

So as I see it, I need to reinstall apache (and php?) using the proper symboisis config. How do I do this? Where are the packages I need?




Does anyone know if creating another symboisis server and copying over the etc/apache2/ folder will help if I’ve somehow removed files I shouldn’t have?

P.s. worried also now about the fact most of the clever people have been given the elbow at BM. (at least from what I’ve been told.


Hi Ed,

Before you do anything else, make a snapshot of the current status of the machine.

Then, I think the best thing might be to upgrade to Symbiosis 9, which has Debian 9, which has php7. The most reliable way to do that is to create a new server with Symbiosis 9, and then migrate your sites to it. Symbiosis will create new Apache configuration files.

If you use our DNS, then ask us to update the DNS authorisation for your domains: by raising a support ticket.

If you need any other support with this, please do raise a ticket: we can respond in a ticket without worrying about confidentiality.


Ok great, I’ll do that now.