Symbiosis Jessie -- Updates


Continuing the discussion from Symbiosis Jessie – Released!, I’m going to post updates to the Jessie release here, as they happen.



  • symbiosis-email: Inadequate fix for bug #12213 – the interface parameter was still not working. This has been fixed now by reordering the string expansions in those parts of the configuration. Thanks to @stickybit for access to his machine in diagnosing this.

Exim errors on Jessie Symbiosis

To receive the updates, you should be able to run

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Alternatively wait until tomorrow, when they’ll be applied automatically.


  • symbiosis-common
    • Allow underscores in hostnames.
    • Clean up ACME challenge files after validation.
    • Fixed symbiosis-ssl manpage.
  • symbiosis-email
    • Allow underscores in DKIM selectors.
    • Allow wildcard whitelisting/blacklistng.
    • Added further black/whitelist tests for bad domains.
    • Fixed a bug where blacklsted hostnames were not getting checked.
    • Updated cipher lists.
    • Fix typo ensuring tagged spam does get moved to Spam folder.
  • symbiosis-ftpd
    • Updated cipher lists.
  • symbiosis-httpd
    • Udated HTTP cipher lists.
    • Fix HSTS config to make HSTS work by default
    • Supply sync parameter when opening default apache log file.
    • Split manpage generation into two stages.
  • symbiosis-httpd-logger
    • The sync flag is now obeyed.
    • Now creates log files with correct owner.
    • Fixed double logging to the default and per-host logs.
    • Verbose logging normalised.
    • Debian packaging tidied simplified.
    • Fixed up dpkg-divert to work properly.
    • UID/GID for logs is always inherited from the log directory.
    • Added stricter regex for log lines.
    • Added prefix flag for testing.
  • symbiosis-xmpp
    • Updated cipher lists.
    • Fixed template name in comment in template.


These are the first updates for a good while, for which I apologise. We’ve moved our build process away from Jenkins in to our Gitlab install, and are now tracking all our issues on GitHub. Thanks to those who have already contributed.

The good news is that whilst this has taken far too long to update, it does put us in a good position for our stretch release.

These updates will go live on Monday 17th July.


  • symbiosis-backup
    • Updated makefile; added no-op test target and fixed clean to actually clean.
    • Ensure manpages are built.
    • Rationalise testing of valid domain names into a method.
    • Update letsencrypt tests to work with 0.3.5 of ruby-acme-client.
  • symbiosis-cron
    • Fix bug in --test mode where the NEVER would be shown in certain circumstances. Closes #77.
  • symbiosis-email
    • Re-instate clamav tests that stop it if no domains are using anti-virus scanning. Closes #49.
    • Fix path to binary in /etc/cron.d/symbiosis-email. Closes #72.
    • Ensure manpages are built
    • If pipe-delivery fails attempt to keep the failed message in the queue.
    • Removed further references to $HOSTNAME in tests.
    • Added ruby-cracklib as an install dependency.
    • Start services in tests with invoke-rc.d instead of service.
    • Tidy how the hostname is set during testing.
  • symbiosis-firewall
    • Ensure manpages are generated as part of the build task.
  • symbiosis-ftpd
    • Ensure manpages are built
  • symbiosis-httpd
    • Removed symbiosis-common as a build-dep.
  • symbiosis-httpd-logger
    • Mask out non-permissions bits from file mode inherited from directory (thanks to @banburybill). Closes #9
  • symbiosis-monit
    • Ensure man pages are built.
    • Updated Makefile to reflect proper test targets.
  • symbiosis-xmpp
    • Ensure manpages are built.
    • Add lua-sec as an explicit dependency for TLS support.
    • Tidied makefile.

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