Symbiosis Jessie – Release Candidate 4


Hello again!

Yes, we’re getting there slowly but surely.

Here is the latest release candidate following on from Release Candidate 3. More bugs have been squished :smile:


  • Added in missing libswitch-perl dependency.
  • Made output of check-availspace pre-backup script more useful.


  • Added Symbiosis::Host#fqdn method.


  • Local users (i.e. with shell accounts) no longer have to append the hostname to their logins for smtp/imap/pop3.
  • Added tests for the dict proxy server.
  • Added dependency for latest common package to get Symbiosis::Host#fqdn.
  • The poppassd and dict-proxy daemons are now managed by start-stop-daemon when sysvinit is used.
  • Users will shell accounts can login now with just their username, as the hostname is now added automatically.
  • The automatic password hashing program (symbiosis-email-encrypt-passwords) now skips empty passwords, and has a “verbose” flag to say what is going on.
  • Mail passwords are now automatically hashed, if they’re not already.


  • Reduced the number of dependencies this package has; most have been moved
    to recommended packages.

To install from fresh on jessie

With a freshly imaged machine, you should be able to add

deb ./

to your sources.list and then run

apt-get update
apt-get install bytemark-symbiosis

To upgrade from previous release candidates.

If you’re already using jessie-rc1, jessie-rc2, or jessie-rc3 then replace “jessie-rcX” with jessie-rc4 in your sources.list file:

deb ./


deb ./

in your sources.list, and then run

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

To upgrade from wheezy

You should be able to replace

deb ./


deb ./

in your sources.list, and then run

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Symbiosis Jessie -- Released!

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Just to get things right at the off, there are a number of questions asked during an upgrade from Wheezy. How do we respond to those questions? I assume “N” to most?


Yes good point.

I do have a list somewhere of the questions and answers, I just need to dig it out!



Yep, given the potential for screwing up here, I’d be interested in seeing that list too :slight_smile:


Just for info, in case you don’t need a comprehensive answer…

It’s been noted that I’m not a world authority on linux :wink: and I needed rescuing after wheezy->rc1 and rc1->rc3 upgrades - rc1 was mainly down to bugs but rc3 was me focusing on number changes and not noticing the new url format in sources.list …

… so I ended up with a sub-optimal but very fast update. :wink:

However, I went with the rc1 recommended ‘keep any existing configuration files when prompted’ on all upgrades and rc3->rc4 has been impeccable so far…


Good tip alphacabbage, thanks.


I went the keep existing config files when I recently tried to go Wheezy-RC3 recently. While the server was running I had a load of bugs, such as the loss of the ability to use links such as or /squirrelmail hence wanting to get things right. I was worried I had done something wrong first time and did not want to repeat any mistakes.

The beauty of BigV is that in the end I quickly migrated to another instance to get me out of trouble. As ever it was a very simple task.


[quote=“phill104, post:8, topic:2309”]
… bugs, such as the loss of the ability to use links[/quote]
My upgrades are usually off-peak and I tend to reboot so I might not have noticed anything like that. That, or there may have been bigger issues. :wink: I’ve had to reinstall roundcube post-upgrade a couple of times but I suspect that harks back to problems I had under wheezy or earlier. However, rc4 has been uniquely sound (but I did notice that the new config wanted to use an old db password - and I’ve no idea where it got it from).

Yup, I intend to clean-up by reimaging to symbiosis-jessie once the dust has settled. Hopefully, the backup-restore wont bring back too many data gremlins. (Looking at the symbiosis repo, I might have to be more careful on the next jump as I’ve gone non-standard in setting exim & dovecot to use a cert/bundle I purchased for – this was a workaround after I couldn’t find a way of persuading a couple of email clients to permanently accept self-signed & CN-mismatch).