Symbiosis, Docker, Nextcloud


I want to bin dropbox & I read about nextcloud, a quick google returned some documentation on nextcloud on bytemark…

In the docs it says use a debian 9 server… does anyone have any info / experience of using nextcloud on a symbiosis server?


I run nextcloud on symbiosis fine. I’m not using the docker version though, symbiosis firewall doesn’t work well with docker without a lot of tweaking (or disabling).

Just create your /srv/nextcloud.domain/public/htdocs and put the contents in the htdocs folder. Then visit the domain and go through the installer (you’ll need to have created a database, either with phpmyadmin or though console). Nextcloud installer should tell you any missing libraries and if folder permissions are correct.


thanks for the info. will give it a try


If you do go the Docker route, the OS is less important.

The firewall issue is manageable if you are Docker-only on the host, ie. you’re not mixing docker containers and standard hosted apps eg. Apache, MySQL etc.

Docker manipulates the firewall rules for its own purposes.

I am currently planning a Dockerised version of my server, and have had to move to using Shorewall for managing the firewall, as it ‘knows’ about Docker.


Hi Tony, excuse the newbie to docker question… but would docker ‘sit’ above symbiosis so I could have a symbiosis container that operates like a ‘normal’ symbiosis server running websites and a debain9 container that would/could be nextcloud?

or does it work the other way round… or am I oversimplifying my view?


I’m not that experienced with Docker (in production) yet, but have met a lot of the pain points.

In the ideal world, Docker would be running on a minimal OS eg. Debian by itself. No need for Symbiosis. It doesn’t matter (to some extent) which version of Debian you were running as Docker isolates your container from the specifics of the under lying OS. Hence the ability to build & test in one environment, and deploy it elsewhere in the knowledge that it will mostly work just fine.

Docker could sit alongside of your current Symbios, but see my comments about firewalls.

It looks like you want a mixture of your current Symbiosis and Nextcloud.

I don’t know nextcloud, but if it needs Debian 9 and you are running a lower version under Symbiosis, you might need to upgrade and all the pain involved wit that.

If you use Docker you can run it on an earlier version of Debian, as the Docker image will come with its own mini-version of Debian 9 inside.

I’m rambling …


That was my plan originally - but it was easier to just create a /srv/nextcloud.domain and do a manual install. The other option would be to have a symbiosis host, and another for running docker images.


I have used own cloud and next cloud for the past few years on machines running symbiosis. I like both BUT from an admin and security point of view there doesn’t appear to be any way of preventing users from changing/ resetting their own passwords without implimenting some form of backend code hack.


Sorry, I’m not following… why would I want to stop users changing their passwords to nextcloud?


Because the average user tends to set easily hackable passwords. Those users also tend to complain the loudest when their accounts are compromised.

So best plan is to issue users with strong account passwords and restrict them from resetting to something simple.

Get it now Sir?


I see, different user / user base for this. thank you


Standard install of Nextcloud works perfectly with Symbiosis for me.