Support clarification


Hopefully someone from Bytemark can answer this.

Today I received an email detailing your latest T&Cs and one thing I noticed I feel needs clarification.

“One example of this would be customers who are still choosing to operate their code or application on PHP 5.6, when the current in support versions of PHP are above 7.1. While we provide the frameworks to customers in order to provide a wide range of compatibility, it is unrealistic for us to support issues relating to those frameworks.”

Given that your own Symbiosis installer falls short on the PHP version, installing 7.0 not 7.1, will you honour support in this case. Debian are continuing support on stretch for that version of PHP so I assume you too should not have an issue there.


I guess the Bytemark team no longer monitor these forums.


I contacted Bytemark support about what they plan to do with Symbiosis. Their response was predictable.

" At present there are no plans currently to take Symbiosis beyond Symbiosis 9, we won’t be continuing to develop it, though it is open source so other people can and are taking this forward.

We are looking at open source alternatives that are further along and supported, such as VestaCP or Ajenti, when an official decision has been made we will announce this straight away.

With regards to preparation, it would be a case of either experimenting with one of the alternatives; I understand that an example of such would be something like, sympl, (, or waiting for our alternatives in due course. No timescales on this at the moment unfortunately."


Basically, since the sell-out, the company has turned to shit.


Thanks for contacting them. At least now we know where we stand. Sounds like I will need to move to sympl very soon if PHP 7 and the still available symbiosis installer are no longer supporter by Bytemark. I appears there are already problems appearing with letsencrypt. Such a shame really.


I’m not confinced that Sympl is a better bet. It only appears to have one or two people working on it, and very slowly at that.
There is not yet a resolution of the letsencrypt issue on Sympl either.
I think the short-term fix is to use a different method to update letsencrypt.


I believe the fix is currently being tested and is due to be pushed into stable in the next week or so.


It’s actually running tests at the moment and I’m anticipating packages on the testing branch later this afternoon.

Once I’m happy it’s working okay (both new sites and upgrades from ACME v01), I’ll push it to stable, and all Sympl installs should automatically update within the following 24 hours.


Excellent work as ever. Once that is running I will replace my current symbiosis build with a Sympl one.