Set up DNS for new domain using symbiosis


i have some domain names that i want to point at various folders on my vm, and i want to use the bytemark dns service, setting it up as described here:

but i’m confused about how to do it (just learning this stuff so apologies if it’s obvious…)

the manual describes what is already there, and i can see this file:

do i edit this file to add new domains? what do i need to add? i want to make sure i get it right before i switch the nameservers over to the bytemark ones…

or rather than edit that file would i need to make a new file like

thanks for any help


reading the manual again, it suggests this file should be auto generated, so my question is: how do i auto generate it for a new domain that is registered elsewhere and is ready to be switched over to bytemark’s name servers?


Under /srv create a new directory with the name of the new domain. And then directories under it config / dns. I think that a suitable text file is autogenerated there (automatically, as the name suggests, after a short while).


Thanks! It worked, just waiting for everything to propagate now. Fingers crossed…