Server IP found in SORBS


I have recently done a check on my server IP address against a number of email blocklists, and it would appear that it is listed on SORBS.

1x Virus is listed as being live and current, even though this reported message was from the same IP when I was not running it (sometime in July of 2018). Probably safe for me to ignore this.

However, dated the 7th of January 2019, the following is listed,
3x Spam (currently live)

Does this mean someone is somehow sending spam from my server, and if so how would I find it? As far as I am aware no clients of mine are sending spam delibrately, so I am a little concerned as to how we could be listed as a spam sender (I assume false positives can also be a thing?).

Many thanks in advance.



I’ve requested delisting of your server. I think all these listings belong to a previous user of the server.



That’s much appreciated, I did try to de-list myself, but the website isn’t the most intuitive in the world.



That’s very true. The “Spam” hits have been unlisted. Chasing the “virus” hit.


That’s great news, thank you very much for all your efforts thus far.