Recommended IPv6 e-mail hosting?


I’m tired of running my own mail server, and hoping that someone can recommend a reliable e-mail hosting provider.

The problem being me being rather picky on the requirement side.

  • Both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Solid IMAP support
  • Advanced filtering, preferable Sieve

I have already discarded FastMail (no IPv6), Google Apps (IMAP being second class) and Gandi Mail (lack of filtering).

Any other suggestions/recommendations?


IPv6 is the way of the future, but that said I wonder why it is a hard requirement for you? If you’re outsourcing email because you no longer care to maintain it then you probably shouldn’t worry too much about the details…

I expect that fastmail will get support for IPv6 in the future, as everything else upgrades. But if not pick Gandi and use something client-side to filter.


Because it’s 2015, and I’d rather not pay for an online service which haven’t yet adopted IPv6.

Yes, I know that that might be a bit stubborn and/or irrational, but since this is my personal e-mail I’m perfectly fine with that.


I am not sure whether you’ve tried Bytemark’s Symbiosis distribution, but it’s a “batteries included” mail server with anti-spam, v6 support, sieve etc. etc. It’s still your own server, but upstream (i.e. us) maintains the exim and dovecot configuration, so you can get many of the benefits of root access without the hassle of mail server admin. Works for us, anyway :smile:


In my case going the Symbiosis route might very well have been the absolute worst choice; still being partially responsible, but without having the full flexibility.

Went with instead.


That’s a shame. “Sensible email” was one of the driving forces behind Symbiosis in the first place. I’d be interested to hear what you found was missing or problematic.