Questions on rsyncing tinydns files

#1 says “you may obtain it (a thus create an account) by running:” (typos need correcting) and a wget command. Running wget delivers HTML, not a zip, that says

Software error:

Failed to write password: /home/sharedns/userdata/chbchqonxweqe//secret - No such file or directory at /var/www/dns/create/index.cgi line 59.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([no address given]), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

I’ve got the zip before from this BigV VM. Does it work only once?

Anyway, having looked through the script back then, I ended up taking just the rsync command and using that, e.g. `RSYNC_PASSWORD=letmein rsync -vc foo.tinydns’ and it’s been working fine. I’m now wondering if I can have several files at upload.ns and they’ll all be processed and served? Do they need a particular naming convention, e.g. *.tinydns?

BTW, the Bytemark page at the top also says “Bytemark provide access to their four content servers”, but {a,b,c}.ns… make three; what am I missing?

Cheers, Ralph.


Hi, Ralph.

Most of the confusion here seems to be shortcomings with the documentation rather than anything else. We’re planning to revisit all of out documentation soon so I’d hope that most of the issues would be caught there. There are only three name servers, not four as suggested.

Yes, you only need to create an account once (I’m not quite sure what caused the error you saw, I shall look into that). You can fetch the upload script, as well as an archive of the records you’ve uploaded at

You can have several files containing tinydns data, conventionally one per domain in the form although that it not a requirement - any name will work.