Problem when attempting to reboot via mobile ssh client


There seems to be some kind of problem with the vm admin console that prevents it booting correctly if I connect to it via my mobile client (I use connectbot on android). The symptoms are that instead of the system rebooting, it displays the message about waiting 5 seconds for kernel panics to be visible, clears the screen and displays the message about ^H being kill, then clears the screen again almost instantly and displays the kernel panic message again, and continues around this loop ad infinitum.

My suspicion is that this is because my terminal on the mobile is too small to display the menu that gives you the option to boot the normal system, or a rescue system.

The workaround is simply to connect up from a desktop connection, at which point the menu displays correctly and either I can choose the boot option, or just leave it to default after the time delay.

Is this a known problem, and are there any plans to fix it? It would be rather useful to be able to use the admin console from my phone without causing this issue to come up next time the machine reboots…