PHP7 - any plans


Are there any plans on supporting/providing PHP7 in Symbiosis yet?


Symbiosis is basically just a configurable layer that sits on top of Debian, and as such it won’t ship a PHP 7 package until Debian does.

It does look like as though it will be a part of the next Debian release, “stretch” though - which looks like it’ll be released around April or May next year.


Thanks. If I were to install PHP7 via dotdeb (or build from source), would there be any conflicts/breakages (i.e. does Symbiosis rely on PHP in any way or try to “control” it)?


I’d not recommend it. I’ve seen dotdeb cause so many problems later on that I’d personally not touch it with a bargepole.

The symbiosis-httpd package depends on libapache2-mod-php5, so I guess PHP7 won’t work unless Debian have horrendously munged their package names.


Thinking about this a little further, if you built PHP from source and then configured the Symbiosis Apache templates to do the right thing to use your compiled module, it’d probably work fine, but you’d need to make sure you recompiled your PHP version every time it was updated upstream to stay secure.


I’ve not tried Jessie+DotDeb+Symbiosis (yet) but …

Jessie 8.3 (I think) made PHP 5 and 7 co-installable - so using dotdeb you can have both installed (Debian’s 5.6 and DotDeb’s 7.0.x). However Apache only allows you to have one variant loaded/enabled. (a2enmod wise).

So, I’d expect it to be possible to keep libapache2-mod-php5 installed (just not enabled) and for Symbiosis and PHP7 to work without issue.

Just be aware that PHP7 is trying to shed support for the ‘mysql’ extension - so you may need to manually install it ( see ).

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