Permission denied when ftp-ing in using Symbisos ftp-users


Hi - having a bit of trouble. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

I’ve created an ftp-users file for a domain. Looks a bit like this:


Very simple and straightforward. I’ve done this on another machine running Symbiosis in the past and it all works.

On this machine though, I just get a permission denied error when I try and sftp or ftp in. Have I missed some vital step? Some script to run or anything?


I found I had to put the full username in Filezilla (or your client):

Your problem may be different of course!



Alas, I was doing that already. Was trying to ftp via the command line :slight_smile:


Doesn’t look like it – as a quick test (after reinstating the default /etc/symbiosis/firewall/incoming.d/20-ftp), adding /srv/

# username:password:directory:quota

… I was in at first attempt.