No IPv6 routes from Deutsche Telekom AG (AS3320) to Bytemark



It was brought to my attention that DTAG is missing all Bytemark IPv6 routes (and a lot more…). It would be nice if you could bring this to their attention. I am not a DTAG customer so I don’t have much to say there.

They have a public looking glass where you can verify that they lack both 2001:41c8::/29 and all the more specifics:

The problem is much larger than that, and is probably something you should involve your transit provider in. DTAG have almost no IPv6 routes with AS20860 in the path:

I realize that you aren’t responsible for fixing the DTAG network, but I’d appreciate any help in getting their attention. This problem makes all Bytemark hosted servers inaccessible to DTAG IPv6 customers, and I am told that they have an IPv6 only trial product.



Thanks for letting us know! I’ve raised this with DTAG to see if we can get this fixed.