Manual SSL generation


Just testing a new SymStretch server… I’ve created the folder for the domain. (nice to see public/htdocs now auto created).

How long should I have to wait for the ssl to generate in /config ??

and is there a way to force sym to run the ssl creation? (I cant wait)


I can’t remember the timing but …

sudo symbiosis-ssl --verbose

… should push things along. Possibly, with …

sudo symbiosis-httpd --verbose


Hi K

In order to generate Let’s Encrypt certificates for domains on your Symb Stretch box the domain in question would need to resolve first to the server; otherwise it would not satisfy the challenges for domain ownership when running the symbiosis-ssl command…

Once the domain name resolves then you can use the following commands:

sudo symbiosis-ssl --verbose
sudo symbiosis-httpd-configure --verbose

Symbiosis runs a daily cron to pick up ssl. Any issues please let us know and we can certainly look at this for you.