Letsencrypt renewal problem : think I fixed it!


I have a staging/test server running at home, running Jessie / Symbiosis.
I was away on holiday for a couple of months this autumn, so I shut it down.
When I got home, I restarted it and all was well, except that the SSL has expired and wouldn’t renew.
The problem is that it is set up to be ssl-only so http: requests were redirected to https: Without a valid certificate, these failed.
And of course to get a new valid certificate, letsencrypt wants to connect to a fancy-named file on the server using http:. But it can’t, because of the preceding paragraph.
The solution is (hopefully) simple: remove the ssl-only, so that http: requests are allowed.
Unfortunately I’d used up all my retry chances before realising this, so I’ll need to wait a bit before I can see if I fixed it.
Just thought this might help somone avoid the same issue.