Launching the all-new Bytemark Control Panel


Good news, everyone!

We’re replacing our classic panel with the new Bytemark Control Panel, also known as panel-beta. Use your Bytemark username to login at:

The new Bytemark Control Panel is a major upgrade that’s based directly on your feedback. From the new panel, you can:

The new Control Panel has been built to quickly add new features and we hope to add more in the coming months. Eventually, panel-beta will become a true beta panel rather than replicating existing functionality and we will make this clear when the time comes.

The next major feature we hope to release for the Bytemark Control Panel will be domain registration. This was terribly broken in the old panel and we decided to simply blow it away rather than make users suffer through it. Our support staff are on hand to process new domain registrations through the usual channels - just drop us a line at

I’d love to hear your feedback on the new Control Panel. Do drop us a comment below with any comments or questions! :slight_smile:


It looks great, congrats on the release!

Is there any chance it would ever be able to show anything server wise beyond BigV stuff? We have a dedicated box. Be useful to see that with info like billing periods etc…




Yes, that’s definitely on the list!

Amongst other things, we hope to release:

  • the ability to view & download invoices
  • view and even administer dedicated server subscriptions
  • all-new DNS interface.

I don’t want to over-promise a timescale on those things - they’re all difficult problems. Work has started on all of them so keep an eye on the beta site for early access.


Hi Josh

If I’m reading correctly basic domain management should be available under the new panel with the exception of new registrations. However, I’m still locked out as described in Domains in panel-beta (infinite loadingSpinner animation) and can no longer access the legacy panel as //panel redirects to //panel-beta.

Is a fix imminent or does everything have to go through support?



Thats great! Ill look forward to seeing it!



Hi Martin - ugh, I’m sorry to hear this. There are a very small number of domains that may still not work under this release without manual intervention. I’ll get a ticket raised for you momentarily!



VNC doesn’t work for me in Chrome. Can log in, but then nothing is displayed/echoed on screen. Can execute commands ‘in the dark’, but nothing happens in the window. Ctrl-D logs out OK.

Works OK in Firefox for me.

I am running Ubuntu in a Virtualbox Guest.


Congratulation on its launch. A couple of small things I noticed: the Support tab says “9am–5pm BST”; my mobile-phone number under Account → Account overview is formatted oddly, making it more awkward for me to check. For the latter, Google’s libphonenumber knows how to format phone numbers worldwide and says “+44 7911 123123” for the spacing.


Thanks @RalphCorderoy & @TonyRogers - I’ll raise this with the developers and share an update when we have one.


the new control panel is looking good.

In the updates tab where it shows forum posts, the url structure needs looking at.

The top post on my control panel is for Let's Encrypt with symlinked domains but the link from the panel goes to


Good spot, thanks!

I’ve fixed it; the RSS feeds changed when the forum got updated.

If only people would stop changing anything, I’d have nothing to do :sunglasses: