Invoices in panel



About a month ago we soft launched a historical view on your invoices at Bytemark. You can browse and view all your invoices at (Account -> Invoices), and today we’ve added a way to download PDFs.

We hope you find this feature useful. Let us know below if you spot bugs, or have suggestions about things we could improve. (Next up is showing an account balance)

(also panel-beta is now available at :smile:)


I’m investigating some potential problems using (CORS). If you have any problems please PM me.


Hi Steve,

Everything seems to work fine - and it’s a great addition to the panel. Not seen any CORS issues on the panel or invoices yet (the forum was another matter!), couple of minor content issues:

  • Some invoices appear to be quoting the ’ character (’ instead of '), at least for old-style VMs (as in “Virtual machine ‘xxx’, 1 x V1: 500MiB RAM”). This is not happening with domains, however - “Domain: .uk ‘’” renders fine.
  • Minor invoice typo - “Due on reciept” s/reciept/receipt/

Aside from those, the layout looks great. If that’s being generated entirely in JS then that’s nice work indeed!


Thanks Tom,

I’ve fixed the spelling mistake. I believe the escaped quotes are an artefact from an old database move. I’ve left a bug report.


Yup, looks great and I can even access Domains as of this week, yay!

What I’d really like to see is Direct Debit, or failing that a feature request; notification when payment cards are approaching expiry. As it stands, payment failure & an overdue invoice notification is likely to be the first I’d know about expiry.

A minor point but I noticed the invoice .pdf are highly compressible - as are the originals - roughly 50% even at 300dpi colour. No big deal but it would be kinder to smtp and httpd to crush at source.

More importantly, I notice there have been tweaks to the payment card CVV text. At present, the security code is described as the “3/4 digit number on the back/front of your card”. To my mind ‘back/front’ is ‘middle’ (you didn’t say “back|front”) and the three-quarters-digit notion is doing my nut in so you must mean seventy five percent. In other words, x-ray, or cut the card in half edge-on, then calculate three quarters of the code sum. I suppose other interpretations are possible… I’ll shut up now in case anyone think I’m serious. :wink:


Hi Martin,

An card expiry notification is a good idea. I could show a notice on every-page in panel relatively easily (it should show in /account already, I think). Email would be helpful though.

Direct debit gets mentioned a lot. I’m still not exactly sure why we don’t offer this. Maybe someone else can help?

I’m a bit stuck re file compression, being JavaScript generated. I could probably make the files smaller if that’s a concern for people.

I will fix the inappropriate use of / tomorrow :sunglasses:


Sounds good & thanks for considering the feature request.


The / got replaced by | today :slight_smile: