I'm an idiot!


I was trying to solve an apt key-signature-not-found problem and I followed some outdated advice that suggested uninstalling and then reinstalling the keyring app. I was giving the procedure only nominal attention and it appears that apt uninstalled itself as well as the keyring app. ARGH! I still have dpkg but can’t find any apt package for etch. debian-archive (http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/) appears to contain woody but not etch packages and due to the timing of my last apt-get update run (sometime back in 2008) I need an etch version of apt in order to get the package management running again. Attempts to install either a woody or lenny version of apt are met with all kinds of libc dependency problems.

Anyone have any ideas on where I can obtain an etch version of apt and dependencies?


Huh? I believe archive.debian.org is pretty complete.
is there



Thanks Bjørn, you are correct. Up and running again now.