Hi Guys,

I guess it’s time to get serious about migration to another host albeit there’s a bit of mileage left in SymStretch. seems to be the frontrunner in terms of a replacement host.

So, to get the point, is anyone using to host production websites without issue?

Should I wait a while longer to allow for maturity of ?

Or is it time to bail ?

All a bit of a shame really :frowning:

Rgds Pete


I’d give sympl a try, Mythic Beasts seem to be a pretty good hosting set up. I tried them recently and they were pretty good, sadly they didn’t work for me at the time due to my time issues.

From what I heard when I was speaking to them, they were forking symbiosis and we going to develop it.


May I ask where you went for alt hosting ?


The woeful levels of support I was getting from what was once a fantastic hosting company.


Sad that we’ve ended up in this situation, I’m also looking for Symbiosis/Bytemark alternatives so watching this thread with interest.


Rarely come on here these days, but this post alarmed me. Is the consensus that I should be now looking for alternatives moving forward?


I run 4 sympl machines in production now, with another one potentially on the way. About a 50/50 split of dedi/VM and all running fine. None of these are on Bytemark. I have one Symbiosis machine left with BM

Mythic beasts are helping develop sympl, which is the fork of symbiosis. I’ve not tried their hosting yet but heard many good things about it.


So which company are you hosting sympl with?


I’m not the one you were asking, but for what it’s worth I’ve switched to hosting with Bitfolk and running Virtualmin. I’m using Scaleway for offsite backup and self-hosting my DNS (which is easy with Virtualmin) on the main and backup servers.

But I’m also watching the Sympl Forum and may well switch to Sympl when it supports PHP-FPM (on the development roadmap, Paul says). Sometimes I play around with building my own set of scripts and templates for hosting, but never get very far because it seems like I’m just re-inventing an inferior version of Symbiosis!


Just a thought - has anyone attempted to get sympl up and running on a bytemark Debian 10 server?


I have absolute faith in the individual who is driving Sympl and I would recommend it whole heartedly.




That’s what I’m worried about. What happens if he gets run over by a bus, or gets a job as an ice cream salesman?


Although I’m the one working on mainly, there’s more than just me, for example, Alex from Mythic Beasts assisting greatly with the recent update for Let’s Encrypt, and after all, it’s Open Source, so anyone else can lend a hand if they feel like it.

Right now, I’m working on re-implementing symbiosis-ssl/sympl-ssl in Python, so support for things like wildcard certificates can be added without relying on some not-very-well-documented code.

And, as @tfrew can attest, I’d be a terrible icecream salesman! :slight_smile: