How to set Reverse DNS?


Hi all,

So the other day I registered a new domain for my virtual machine, used the BytemarkDNS script to set appropriate DNS records and changed my hostname to something on the new domain.

On the whole it seems to have worked OK, however I can’t seem to figure out how to setup reverse DNS.

The BM documentation for the tinydns script states that reverse DNS cannot be setup with it for security reasons, which makes sense. Posts I can find regarding this on the forum talk about using the “admin console” which appears to be something that is now obsolete? There doesn’t seem to be anything on my VM’s web control panel for changing this either, so I’m a bit stuck regarding the process…

Can someone advise what method I need to follow to change my RDNS entry for my VM?

Thanks :beer:


You cannot set reverse DNS by default. You can do it by either asking support to do it for you or by asking support to release the authority for it.


OK thanks Yann.


Is this still the current state of affairs; ask support to do it or to let my tinydns configuration set it?

I’m finding that sending email from a BigV VM is having its ‘spam score’ increase due to reverse DNS not matching the sending domain, so it would be nice to make it match.


BigV is different in this respect to our legacy VM platform (may be some confusion between the two here). For BigV; reverse DNS can be set in panel-beta, or the command line client.

In panel-beta; it’s under the ‘IPs’ tab, found at the bottom of a VM display -> click on the IP to edit.

CLI instructions are here