How long from DNS upload to live?


When I use the DNS upload tool from my VM, I’m assuming that the content DNS servers parse the uploaded files on a schedule. How often is this done? I.e., how long is the maximum time it could take from uploading the DNS files to them being live for queries?



Your DNS files are first checked and transformed if needed (in the case of malformed records or ones you don’t have the permission to create) before being pushed to our nameservers. It isn’t done on a cron or anything similar, this happens after your upload.

It usually takes a few minutes at most assuming that your records have been accepted. Query our nameservers to know if the records have come through: dig

If they don’t appear drop us an email at so we can look into it for you.


So the processing is triggered by the upload?


If you watch the serial number of the SOA record for your domain, you’ll see it updates even when you’ve made no changes. It’s the number of seconds since the Unix epoch, and I’m seeing 210 seconds, give or take, between them. To convert, `date -d @1437312549’.

I agree, it would be nice to know what triggers a run over the uploaded tinydns files if it isn’t simply a cron job.