Help! apache permissions


Installing a brand new symbiosis server. Keeping it simple, install Joomla on to the default server address.

1,FTP Upload zip as I have always done so
2,unpack it on the server.
3,Run the install on joomla, Completes site runs, but with errors.

apache (www-data?) has no write access to /srv, so nothing works.

Last time I did this it all ‘just worked’ I did an experiment and CHOWN’d the whole /srv folder, and sure enough everying worked, except that broke other things, such as symbiosis auto config when creating new sites etc.

How do I fix this? I tried making admin a member of group www-data, made no difference.

Would really appreciate help… :slight_smile: :confounded: I don’t want to break everything!!


So I think it relates to this:

and possibly also:

Which makes me wonder why the old cloud server worked fine? I can’t ever remember having to mess about with anything like this. :confused:


Ok I’ve looked into this more, and seems that there is a way to get PHP to run as a CGI binary which apparently will fix everything… I may have even figured this out myself eventually…


This seems to be beyond me, but seems this is what I want to get working on symbiosis however seems beyond my ability, when none of the documentation matches the symbiosis config.


I’ve decided just to do this for now:
chgrp -R www-data htdocs/
chmod -R g+rw htdocs/

Not really want I wanted to do. hopefully someone will come back with a better idea.


You should be safe to just have the Joomla site’s htdocs recursively owned by admin:www-data. I’ve not used Joomla personally, though with Magento I found that it wouldn’t run through the setup with the default admin:admin ownership.

There’s the section on permissions on the Wordpress guide at which should give you a general idea on the correct setup. Generally you’ll be fine as long as you’re not making files world writable or executable.


Thanks, I’d not come across that. I’ll give that ago.


Hi All,

My colleague Andrew is correct in his advice that it is safe to have htdocs owned by admin:www-data however if you’d like to make it a little easier, the permissions should be fairly transferable from our docs on installing Wordpress found here:


I use Joomla a lot on Symbols. Over the years Joomla has changed its requirements quite a bit. Each update has meant changing permissions to open up certain directories. At one time I only loosened things when I needed to update the package but as time goes on directories like the Joomla /temp and /cache need to be written to by the script constantly. I am sometimes lazy and just set everything to ownership www-data.www-data but know that is not good practice.