Gentoo GRUB trouble


I gather that Gentoo systems aren’t very popular here, but as I use them in production at work and rather like them I thought I’d replace my legacy Debian VM with one. However, I’m blocked by the fact that /dev/vda seems to be inaccessible within the chroot during installation. This means that GRUB can’t be installed.

There’s a thread here on the Gentoo forums relating to this problem:

Does anyone have any suggestions (other than “use another distro” ;-)?


Is this the chroot in our network boot environment? If so, I’d recommend running something like:

# Assuming vda2 is your root partition, and vda1 is your boot partition
mount /dev/vda2 /target
mount /dev/vda1 /target/boot
for i in proc sys dev ; do mount -o bind /$i /target/$i ; done
chroot /target

That should give you access to the proper /dev where /dev/vda exists.


Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately that didn’t help. I’ve also tried mounting all those in the manner described in the thread on the Gentoo forums and /dev/vda is inaccessible within the chroot whatever I do.


If you’re booting a live CD then check that the virtio drivers are being loaded.

If you’re using the bytemark netboot environment then I’d expect those drives to already be loaded


Thanks for your reply.
The live DVD is indeed loading various virtio drivers including virtio_blk.


I tried again and was able to gain access to /dev/vda after booting to the netboot environment and chrooting from there rather than from within the Gentoo environment. Thanks for your assistance.