Forum login password


Is there any way to view your current password?

Computer is set to auto login but I have no idea what the password is and need to login from another computer.

I’ve tried the password reset request numerous times but never receive the email.

Any ideas??


No, no way to view the password, although the lack of reset email is a bit odd. Have you checked your junk/spam folders etc?

If no joy, drop us an email at the support address or give us a call, we’ll have a look and see if we can work it out.


I’m in :smile:

I finally remembered the password.

I’d still have a look into why I didnt receive the reset requests though. No spam filter is active on my address.

best regards.


Ah har!

Could you do us a favour and drop an email our way to the usual support address, and we’ll make sure that the details are correct :smile:


If your web browser knows how to fill in the username and password login fields on a web site then you can get the browser to display that information to you, e.g. Edit → Preferences → Security → Saved Passwords on this Firefox.