FAQs: BigV's second UK zone in York - try it now


The long-awaited BigV zone in York is just around the corner.

We’re really pleased to announce that everyone can now create new BigV virtual machines in our second UK zone: our home of York.

Customers can now benefit from servers located in two geographically separate UK locations: our first zone in Manchester and the new York zone, hosted in our own data centre, YO26.

Read the full blog post here.

In anticipation of some common questions, I’m going to collate and answer them all here. If I haven’t covered it so far, please do add a comment to this thread and we’ll get it answered as soon as we can.

PS I want to thank all of our beta testers who helped us put the finishing touches on the York zone. You’ll all be getting something in the post very soon!

The Symbiosis migration guide

How do I know which zone my server is using?

All existing virtual machines to date have been created (and will run only) in our first zone, Manchester. You can confirm this by logging into the control panel and checking which ‘head’ the BigV VM is running on which zone the VM is located in using the ‘Info’ tab (see screenshot below).

As an aside, heads numbered below 50 are in Manchester. Heads numbered above 50 are in York.

Do I have to use the York zone?

Not if you don’t want to :slight_smile: Your existing VMs are unaffected by this change.

New virtual machines will be created automatically in the York zone – this is made clear from the control panel zone selector:

The latest release of the command-line client now offers a new --vm-zone-name parameter for the bigv vm new command.

Will I see any difference in performance?

No. We expect reliability and quality of service to be virtually identical. Each zone does use slightly different hardware, so as to make best use of the data centre environment at each site but this should be invisible to end-users.

Will there be a difference in price?

No :slight_smile: BigV virtual machines still start from just £10 per month.

Can I migrate a VM from Manchester to York (or vice versa)?

Migration between zones isn’t supported by the platform.

You can create a new server in York and use the netboot mode to copy a disc image from an existing server, but this is something for users to explore themselves.

You can also explore using of rinetd to redirect TCP connections from IP address to another (man page here)

I have a private VLAN – can I add servers across zones?

For the small number of customers with private VLANs, these are tied to a particular zone. Those customers with a private VLAN in Manchester will not be able to use it to create machines in the York zone - they would need a separate private VLAN in York.

Where have the two SSD options gone?

Late last year, we seamlessly migrated all customers on sata grade storage from spinning magnetic discs to solid-state drives. Offering two very similar grades of storage for wildly different pricing was confusing and so we’ve decided to retire the “Premium” SSD storage grade.

Updated BigV Client - 0.9.3-1953

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Just to note that the zone for existing VM is shown in panel-beta, under the Info tab (see screenshot)


In time would you prefer people to have their hosts located in York?


Hi @phill104 - yes. The default zone is now York so it’s an “active choice” to pick Manchester. That’s shown at the point of deployment so we hope it’s been clear enough to date :slight_smile: