Excommunicado rhsbl - exim4 config


I’d like to use the excellent excommunicado rhsbl and I’m hoping for guidance with exim4 under symbiosis wheezy.

The interweb is making reference to acl_smtp_mail but I’m thinking acl_check_mail might be the way to go, here:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# /etc/exim4/symbiosis.d/10-acl/40-acl-check-mail/00-header
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# ACL that is used after the MAIL command

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# /etc/exim4/symbiosis.d/10-acl/40-acl-check-mail/90-default
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Allow anything not already denied to connect

Would /etc/exim4/symbiosis.d/10-acl/40-acl-check-mail/10-excommunicado

  deny message = Communicado Ltd., see http://blog.hinterlands.org/2013/10/unwanted-email-from-communicado-ltd/
  dnslists = excommunicado.co.uk/$sender_address_domain

… and a ‘make’ + restart be enough? I’m not quite brave enough to test this on a live server so any exim clue would be appreciated.

Hmm, while I’m here, it would be good to restrict the lookups to domains that are known to be on the Communicado lists … I’m guessing that means moving further down the chain – at acl_smtp_rcpt, so maybe moving the lookup to /etc/exim4/symbiosis.d/10-acl/50-acl-check-rcpt/98-excommunicado and adding a condition for the affected domains. ?

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