.EU domains


So it looks like we’re going to lose access to .eu domain names.


I can honestly say I’ve never visited nor seen an .eu website. I’m sure there are plenty though.


Without wanting to get into a political argument, so many things about brexit are going to cause a huge headache. Only lawyers and accountants are going to come out of this with a bigger bank balance.

Our company is worried about software shipments and the rules that will be required around that, as well as any possible taxes. Our creative accountants are already working n ways to circumvent any additional costs that may be introduced.


The funny thing about this is the leave campaign website uses a .EU domain.


Without getting political (as I know people can get rather heated on the subject)… isnt this more about the eu being over zealous with rules on the domain? I can buy a multitude of domains from a vast number of countries I dont reside in… None of them authorities restrict my ability to purchase or use them. In fact the only domain I’ve ever personally had restrictions on buying are .ltd understandably.

But as someone above stated… I’ve never needed a .eu nore been asked to purchase one for a client so it’s no big deal for me.


Quite. You can bet the majority of people with .in, .ly and .to domains are not residents of India, Lybia or Tonga :smiley:

[well, OK, possibly not India]