Enabling SNI for Exim and Dovecot


Dear Bytemark Support Team,

On the topic of Enabling SNI for Exim and Dovecot on Symbiosis Stretch could you kindly outline the process for removal of domains from the server so that Dovecot doesn’t fail to start?

It might be argued that for completeness the guides above need to include the domain removal process…

Rgds Pete

Update from Bytemark:

Ian Eiloart

Staff - 11/04/2019 12:56 PM

Hi Pete,

Yes, that’s a very good argument.

I’ve added this section, https://docs.bytemark.co.uk/article/enabling-sni-for-dovecot-on-symbiosis/#removing-a-domain

I hope that helps. Sorry if that’s caused you inconvenience!

Ian Eiloart
Bytemark Support Team
+44 1904 890890