Enable namespace support in kernels?


could we get updated kernels with the various namespace options turned on ? seems like both the stable (2.6.32.x) and current (3.4.x) have them disabled :(.

# CONFIG_UTS_NS is not set
# CONFIG_IPC_NS is not set
# CONFIG_USER_NS is not set
# CONFIG_PID_NS is not set
# CONFIG_NET_NS is not set

funny that namespaces in general are enabled, but all the sub options have been disabled :).


Hi, Mike.

Yes, I’ll look into that.


great! i noticed one more related option:


this too should be pretty cheap … adds only ~1k to the kernel image on x86_64 :slight_smile:


Ok, that’s done now. It’ll take a little while for the new kernels to be distributed to all the VM hosts, but by tomorrow all of the main kernels (ie STABLE-kvm-i386, AppArmor-kvm-i386, Linux3.2-kvm-i386 and Linux3.4-kvm-i386) with have all of those options set.