Domain registration


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I’m looking to move all my domains from my current registrar as they are a little unreliable.

They are all pointed at bytemark nameservers.

Who would you recommend for cheap reliable domain registration please? I dont need anything from them other than registration and custom nameserver option.



I manage some of my old ones with Bytemark!


Bytemark do domain registration/renewal? News to me.


Yep, seems you can register and then presumably renew domain names via your control panel. I never have as my domains are registered elsewhere, but it’s good to know.

They don’t have any of the ‘deals’ you see other registrars coming up with though.


I have been using domain monster for a few years and quite like it.

They’re part of 123-reg now… although I’m hoping they don’t move everything over into 123-reg accounts as their control panel really is rubbish! (along with their support)


I’m using 123-reg but:

The control panel is confusing.
The support is pants.
And I once lost a domain because their auto system failed to re-register.

From my experience domain registrars are all pretty shoddy.


FWIW, I use UKReg (Fasthosts). I’d never use them for web hosting itself, but as registrars they seem OK. You can dig down into quite a lot of the advanced settings should you need to.


More FWIW: I’ve had a significantly sub-optimal experience with 123-reg and dropped the bargepole many years ago. In fact, almost everyone I’ve tried, including Bytemark, has ended up with some level of frustration and manual intervention from support. One supplier even managed to change a domain’s legal owner for a week or two. I suspect a lot of the trouble comes from difficulty integrating with Registry/Registrars’ API.

For me, the stand-out provider is – I’ve heard nothing but good things about them for at least a decade – and that’s a bit weird. :wink: (I’ve no experience of their web hosting).

(For one-stop convenience, I put the majority of my domains under Bytemark but with the Control Panel glitches - which now seem like a thing of the past - and the lack of Direct Debit it hasn’t worked out as hoped).

#9 sounds as though it ought to be based in India. More seriously though I’ll give them a try if you recon they’re good. How long have you been with Gandi?


Yes, colonial: French. I’ve been with them since Feb 2012, perhaps earlier, although, despite my feeling for them :wink: I’ve not been actively using them in recent years. (As it happens, I do need to shunt a domain their way in the near future).


I usually register via bytemark but I’ve got some on pointed to bytemark nameservers.

Vidahost have fancy searching so you can enter the name and it gives you all the tld options, and they have offers on some.


Avoid 123-reg, not least becasue they charge a release fee. And the’ve proved themselves to be rubbish too many times.
Not sure what Bytemark charges, but we mostly use LCN. We get a good discount on the renewal price because we have more than 100 domains registered through them.
Sadly, LCN have gone down the route of charging more for renewals than for initial registration, which seems dishonest to me. But not doing so made them look relatively expensive


I have several domains registered with 123-Reg and I tend to agree that 123-Reg is sub-optimal. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know!


That’s the point. I used to use 123-REG. They are indeed the devil I know. And they proved themselves to be one devil to avoid.
I switched to Telivo, who were in turn bought up by LCN. LCN have proved to be just as good as Telivo were.


Forgot to add: 123-REG charged a release fee of £10 per domain, but I was able to go to Nominet and get all the domains released for about the same price. That saved me many hundreds of pounds. Not sure that would apply now, as 123-REG suddenly imposed the release fee without notice at the time.


I also use UKREG/fasthosts for domains (but not hosting, of course). Haven’t had any problems with them so far. Their site is a bit slow, but it works. No charge for transfers. prices are reasonably transparent - you are quoted initial registration AND renewal prices for each domain type.


I have a domain with Bytemark and have done for many years. Other domains I have are with 123reg but they have turned out to be a bit poor support wise. Spent 8 months trying to get a domain transferred to them a couple of years back and ended up giving up.


Whilst I agree that 123-Reg isn’t always a great experience I was surprised to read the £10 fee. So much so that I checked their website which says:

Leave anytime

The registrar lock stops unauthorised transfers, but some companies abuse the system and stop you from transferring your domains out. We don’t hold your domain hostage, you can unlock it quickly and for free.


Perhaps they found they were losing too many customers and stopped the swindle. They imposed the release fee without giving any warning. I only found out when a client wanted to move their domain.
Rather than pay 123-REG £10 to release one domain, I paid Nominet £10 to release well over a hundred of them.
Once bitten, twice shy. 123-REG are on my “bargepole” list forever.