Domain registration price rises (and a few reductions)


We’ve updated our domain prices for the first time since 2008! So unfortunately the domains that were below cost price are a bit more expensive.

The most popular domain .uk has gone from £10 per 2 years to £14.25 per 2 years (or now just £7.25 per year, which wasn’t there before). .com is now £9.25 (previously £7.75). Some have gone down like .eu or .me

We’ve tried to keep domains nice and simple, so set our prices as a function of our wholesale & exchange rate costs. We want to keep them that way, and will apply price changes on a regular basis to make sure we don’t need to make another big adjustment.

We’re also working on allowing a more complete range like .link, .cool or .abogado (for our many Spanish lawyer clients). We’ll drop you a line once we’ve made these work :slight_smile:

The full price list, as ever is at:

We very much appreciate the domains you keep with us, and try to take good care of them! So please let me know what we can do better on that front.