Domain expiration


Last night a domain I have registered with yourselves expired and as a result my site went offline. I logged on and renewed it which was fine. However, looking back through my emails there has been no notification of impending doom. Last time around a couple of years ago I received a warning email, but not this time. Has something changed your end? Do you no longer send out a warning? It would come in handy to have. I do put alarms on my iPad but as I upgraded I seem to have neglected to add this particular domain which is the only one of many I own that is registered with yourselves. The rest are with 123reg who send out loads of warnings, far too many imho.


Hi Phil,

Sorry, there certainly should be notifications for expiring domains.

We used to have a config setting that turned the notifications off, but we no longer expose that setting.

I’ll look into what happened in this case and let you know (will PM for details).



Interesting that the site went offline within a day. Just out of interest does that vary depending on how ‘lucky’ you are? I let a domain slip by a day but didn’t lose any functionality. Ironically I got an email directly from Nominet (no blame on Bytemark here by the way as it’s another name registrar which didn’t notify me :smiley: )


It was actually Feb 02 the domain expired so I was very lucky it stayed live that long.