Debian Wheezy Now Stable


See . Has anyone yet tried Wheezy on a Bytemark VM ? Were any issues noticed or needing fixes while upgrading ? Is it supported by current Bytemark kernels ? Did you notice any issues to do with memory usage ? I expect I’ll want to do the upgrade from Squeeze some time this summer.


I had a bit of a nightmare due to mysql screwing up. I ended up having to uninstall all mysql packages, purge all the config files and start again. Then I got hit by this bug: And finally I got complaints because /etc/apache2/httpd.conf no longer existed.

Other than that…


No problems running it here since initial installation ~six months ago.


Haven’t upgraded my VM yet but have done my own server. Went fine apart from Dovecot - which is a known problem. In the end I purged my Dovecot, completed the upgrade and then reinstalled. Fortunately I have a basic installation so this wasn’t a big job and does mean I have an up-to-date configuration.


From Bytemark support as of June 2013:

“It really isn’t safe to upgrade Symbiosis machines to Wheezy yet, as we haven’t done a Wheezy release yet - it will break a great deal of the system and will almost certainly require a reimage to fix. There will be a release for Wheezy, but this is something we’re working on and currently doesn’t have a due date.”


My Debian 6.x (Squeeze) plain VM box is due for an upgrade. I know I’ll have fun with Dovecot - which I’ve already dealt with on a box at home, but which Bytemark kernel is best for 7.x (Wheezy)?

When you did your upgrade when did you change kernel? I know udev is a bit picky about the kernel if I recall correctly.