Debian Volatile out of date on mirror.bytemark?


Some Debian Volatile packages are out of date on Bytemark’s mirror. It looks as though mirror.b.c.u may be mirroring an incorrect host for this repo. For the time being, volatile is I think carried on not, see

For instance clamav is at 0.96.1 on mirror.bytemark but should be at 0.96.3 :

apt-cache policy clamav

Installed: 0.96.1+dfsg-1~volatile1
Candidate: 0.96.3+dfsg-1~volatile1
Version table:
0.96.3+dfsg-1~volatile1 0
800 lenny/volatile/main Packages
*** 0.96.1+dfsg-1~volatile1 0
800 lenny/volatile/main Packages
800 lenny/volatile/main Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Hope this is useful,



Hi Nick,

It was indeed out of date. The mirror was being push-triggered, but for some reason these triggers have stopped.

I’ve just run the mirror sync manually, and will move the sync on to a 4-hourly cron job until push-triggers are restored.

I did check with upstream last week as it turns out, but there hadn’t been update since August.

Best wishes,