" It was discovered that a race condition in the memory management
code can be used for local privilege escalation."

It made it to the BBC tech page! Seems serious enough to update kernel and reboot, even for those who pray to the God of Uptime.

See also for more details.


This story has also been reported today (21/10/2016) on The Register:

According to reports in the story;

According to a website dedicated to Dirty COW, a patch for the Linux kernel has been developed, and major vendors including Red Hat, Debian and Ubuntu have already released fixes for their respective Linux flavors.

Running the usual software update mechanisms, such as Debian’s apt-get, will fetch and install the patches. Don’t forget to reboot after to pick up the new kernel. If you use a distro that does not make /proc/self/mem writable, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6, then the exploit code fails.

Not sure if this will have actioned through VM’s running symbiosis but maybe somebody could confirm this…?


If you’re running Symbiosis you should find that your system updated itself earlier this morning; every day unattended-upgrades will apply pending security updates automatically.

However because this is a kernel upgrade you will need to reboot for the updated package to take effect.


Thanks for the reply confirming this @skemp, a reboot will be actioned later this evening.