Create a subdomain inside a Symbiosis Jessie Server which points to Godaddy Hosting Server



First of all, if this is the wrong forum for this, my apologises in advance.

I need some guidance related to creating a subdomain inside an existing server with an running domain already configured. This is a rather simple task, but I could not find which exactly command to execute or file to edit to accomplish this. I am a programmer rather than an infrastructure specialist, so any guidance would be appreciated.

What I need to do is to create a subdomain DNS record to point to a hosting server outside my main bytemark’s server. This external server is a Godaddy server. That way, everytime I use the subdomain I get redirected to this external hosting server.

Thank you in advance for your guidance!

Best Regards,
Felipe Huszar


Hi @cparkinson

I think we covered this in a ticket with you, but just in case:

I’ll use an example subdomain, and an example IP,, which you’ll need to change to suit your requirements. You’ll need to run the following commands as the root user over SSH on the Bytemark server:

echo "" > /root/BytemarkDNS/data/ echo "" >> /root/BytemarkDNS/data/ echo "" >> /root/BytemarkDNS/data/ echo "" >> /root/BytemarkDNS/data/ sh /root/BytemarkDNS/upload

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: