Content DNS and BigV


I’m a new user of BigV and I want to keep my new VMs as neat and tidy as possible. It seems sensible to use Bytemark’s Content DNS but I have a couple of questions.

  • From the documentation, it looks like I have to run the update script from one of the VMs. Is that right, or can I run it remotely?
  • Are there any plans to add Content DNS controls to the BigV command line tool?



I’ve just bumped into this issue myself after an otherwise issue-free migration from an old VM to BigV. The BytemarkDNS tool doesn’t seem to have any effect when I run ./upload from a BigV instance. There are no errors, and the output seems to indicate success.

$ ./upload 
Uploading to host : completed.

But 24 hours later, I don’t see any evidence of the configuration changes having propagated.

Am I missing something, or is compatibility between BigV and Content DNS just still to come?


Hi Guys

The Bytemark Content DNS system has methods to ensure only authorised machines can update DNS records. If you move domains from one machine to another (such as from a legacy VM to BigV) you will need to contact support to request that the authority is moved.

To help speed up the process it will help us if you provide the username found in the upload script on the new machine. This will be near the top of the file on a line that looks similar to:

RSYNC_USERNAME=<username here>

The upload script can be run remotely but it is important that only one machine performs the updates. DNS updates from multiple locations can lead to complications. Again, the authority for the domains needs to be correct and you should contact support if this needs changing.

Symbiosis from legacy VM to BigV

Thanks very much Pete! I’ve created a support ticket for this now.

Now that I know that “authority” is the magic keyword I was missing earlier, I see that this is all explained in the Symbiosis documentation.

If you wish to move your domains between two machines running Symbiosis and using the Bytemark content DNS service, you must contact Bytemark Support to arrange the domain to be moved between content DNS accounts.

This results from the necessity for ensuring that only people with the proper authorisation can change live DNS data. Once a domain has been hosted on our network, a content DNS account will have sole authority for it.

If you purchase a second server and move some of your domains onto it, or purchase a domain from another Bytemark customer you must contact us to move authority for the domain into the correct account.