Closing support tickets manual or automatic?


Having sent in a handful of tickets recently I’ve been wondering something.
If the task has been completed successfully and I’m happy to close the ticket do you prefer:

a) have a final email from me confirming that everything is good and asking to close the ticket,
b) have your email be the last word and then close the ticket automatically?

I spent some puzzled moments trying to figure this one out.
I guess it doesn’t make much difference either way really, but still, I’m curious.



I think it depends on whether I know it’s been done or not?

For example, if it’s an un-contactable VM and you’ve already said ‘it’s sorted now, have another go’, I wouldn’t need another email (assuming it worked!).

If it was a domain thing that needs a few hours to progress, then knowing the work has been done is useful.


I think this largely depends on the nature of the issue and who it was that handled it.

For “simple” requests such as “Please change the reverse DNS entry for” I will typically reply and close in one action ( “That has been done now.”).

But for longer issues, or issues where the user might want to comment I’ll leave a ticket open and only close when both the requester and myself believe all is completed.

I think it is fair to say that sometimes tickets get closed at our side and we’re suprised to receive a response - but that’s absolutely OK. If we’ve closed a ticket too soon, or if you wish to refer to an old ticket from many moons ago there is absolutely no problem re-opening it by replying.



I quite like to say thank you to whoever at Bytemark has helped me with an issue, but on a couple of occasions this has caused the ticket to be re-opened, so the hassle caused probably negated my appreciation!