CiviCRM or other CRM for a charity


Has anyone any experience with CiviCRM - - or other CRM like systems that would be suitable for use by a volunteer run charity?

This means it needs ideally to be hosted and probably web based - as the users are distributed and tend to be using all sorts of devices. There is also a strong implication of cheap/free/incredible-value-for-money.

Initial goals are to have a system that:-

  • Keeps track of all our hirers contacts (multiple people for each hirer)
  • Keeps track of (email) conversations with those people
  • Holds additional info against hirers

This is an area I have little experience in so would appreciate anyone who has worked with this sort of system. Getting things wrong looks like it could have a fair cost in time etc :frowning:


#2 is hosted with us, I don’t know if that counts as cheap enough, but it doesn’t look mindblowingly expensive. :smile: